Description of business
We can provide a license for production and sales of Katawaku-ecochan which Toyota Co., Ltd. has developed.

Corporate profile
Name Toyota Co., Ltd.

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Foundation September 24, 1996
Capital 10 million yen
President Ritsuji Toyota
Address 158 Shinichi, Shinichi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima 729-3103
TEL 0847−52−5202
FAX 0847−52−5333
Contact TEL:0847-52-5202

Business concept
We develop globally environmentally friendly products!
Katawaku-ecochan has been developed by using waste fibers generated in fiber product production regions as fiber elements and combining these with polypropylene resin for polypropylene sheets as skin material of plywood, and durable plywood for concrete formwork aims to contribute to the protection of the global environment through a conscious effort and importance placed on reductions in emissions of CO2, conservation of wood resources and recycling of organic waste fibers.

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